Completing 2017

Many have found found this year to be stressful, challenging, etc. As this year winds to a close, maybe consider completing whatever lose ends may still be lingering for you. This could include: relationships, work, projects, etc. Anything that didn’t get completed of feels like it’s still lingering.

Why? So you can close this chapter. Finish the year in a powerful way where there’s nothing that can pull you back into it. Review what worked and what didn’t. Then why they did or did not work. This is valuable information.

Many people set ‘resolutions’ for the next year….and fail. Why? That’s another blog lol. Ask me what I do and feel free to book a Session to start the NY really strong where you WILL stay on track!

For now, wrap up lose ends. This may also include ending negative or unsupportive relationships. Are they moving you forwards or do they create challenges? Some may need to be concluded and that’s ok. It makes room for better, kinder, more positive and loving relationships. Choose well in what’s best for YOU

2017 in review: Challenges, pain, purged, ended a friendship, moved to a new city, started at a new clinic, new friends, got rid of physical pain, got more clarity, lost 1/2 the weight I want to release, started to get into better shape, concluded a lingering financial case, new place, adjustments and much more. It has been eventful for sure.

May you end 2017 strong so you can invite ONLY what you truly want for this New Year and create what you DO want ❤️



So I’ve uprooted my life, moved away from all I’ve known for most of my life and started over in a new city. All I hear from everyone is, “Oh, it’s so hard when you move/start over/, etc” I now tell them to stop and not say that. It’s not hard unless I tell myself it is.

I’m on an adventure and chose this. I’m starting fresh – not hard. I’m starting a new life, not Living someone else’s version of ‘hard’ that is. I get to choose and other people’s phrasing can have a big impact…if you let it. I choose my version.

There’s no denying there are glitches, obstacles and challenges for sure. I’m a realist so I get that. I want, however, to choose the framework of my paradigm of what I’m creating. I get to choose where I put my focus and it’s not on those things. They don’t help create what you want.

My focus now is building a new: created, inspired, motivated, fresh, opportunity, energized, invigorated, invented and crazy good life. This is my daily window in which to draw from and I like it.

Merry Christmas and may you have a very Happy New Year for 2018


Do you only settle?

Do you only settle for things in your life? Do you often feel like things are ‘less than’? This could be why?

Relationships are often like throwing noodles against the wall and whichever one sticks, that’s the one you settle for. Did you CHOOSE your relationships with intelligent scrutiny based on well thought out values or just settle?

The things you own, planned or just ended up being given to you, on sale or other?

Jobs, careers, etc. Did YOU choose or settle for what was available? See the theme here?

Statistically people are living at only 50% of their potential. I think it may be less for many? We have SO much more we ‘can’ be!

Some day you’ll die. Are you happy how you’re living? Have you accomplished all you wanted to? What will looking back on your life be like? Regret or proud? So much to consider bcz we only get the one life to live.

What more would you like to have? To be? To do? Why aren’t you there now? You CAN do it! You CAN ‘be’ more! Stop at nothing. Take the leap and risk because YOU are worth it. I know I am and I am in process. Do you want it? Or are you just going to settle? No, you want more….and you know it. I’ll help you create it if you’re ready. It’s waiting for you

Melinda 🌷

Disappearing the Past

Yes, it’s real. As a Transformation Expert I start by clearing people’s past so that they can create what they DO want in their life. I’m sharing this because of a call I just had.

A few years ago I went to a remarkable Accupuncturist. I’ve been to many and while most were good, only 3 were remarkable. She shared her past openly with me and we talked about a bit of it but I wasn’t taking on clients at the time. Tonight she called me because of some things that were reoccurring for her. I’m sharing this because of the feelings this call evoked for me. It’s connected me to why I do this again

We do NOT have to remain prisoners of our past! We do NOT have to stay in spin cycles. We CAN become neutral about the hurtful events in our past and disappear them. She’s becoming a Client now. Quite fun to come full circle. I’m excited because she’s an awesome person

I work full time in this and have training in many modalities which has helped me create the powerful system I use. I say this because it ‘works’! It’s painful to watch people stay in their resistance and not do the work which you KNOW they could be free from. I see people’s potential as soon as I meet them. I have years of experience and know that by introducing new skills, disappearing the past and doing the Neuro Brainwork, they can have more, love more, be free and BE more. Yes, I’m passionate about this because I see it happen with Clients daily. Such exciting work.

Did you know that statistically people only live 50% of their potential? Did you know that only 5% of the world does any version of this kind of Personal Development? I chose to be one of the 5% a long time ago. How about you?

What people get: increased energy, personal freedom, vitality, they make more money (natural side effect), often their health improves, they feel lighter, increased Joy, better boundaries and a feeling of being empowered. These are some consistent things people receive from this work.

This year I took a leap and moved. I moved to a new city, got into a new clinic and am literally starting over from scratch. I am living out what I teach others lol. I left a massive network behind, dearest friends and more. I am transforming my life and creating a new one. I love it. Be fearless. Choose powerfully. Be inquisitive. Inquire. Be bold. Choose to be more. Live with freedom. If you want this, email me and we’ll set up a call. It’s yours if you choose it. I’m choosing to be more. Do you?

Live Life Fully!

Melinda Macleod

I’m one of the 5%…are you?

I have done a ton of work in Personal Development and also work in it as a Transformation Expert. Today I was working with a client and let her know she’s a part of only 5% in the world who choose this. She was getting frustrated with family and friends trying her to go back to who she used to be. This is a normal thing for most. As you grow, it makes them uncomfortable and rather than step up, they try and pull you back.

It’s part of an evolution as to what your new, intentional and created life may experience. Nothing is wrong, it just means there are some things to tweak. Q is, what do YOU choose? An ordinary life or an extraordinary one?

For myself, I chose the extraordinary a long time ago. I get to live this out every day. I’m part of only 5% of the world who choose it. We all get to choose what our life looks like and I choose more.

…and I always keep my promises

Melinda Macleod 💎

Adapting with Gratitude

Do you get upset when things don’t go as planned? Do you get angry? Does anger help a situation? No.

So today I was in for a humdinger of a shock. I had planned, gone to see things, paid and did my part. The ad was wrong or someone messed up bcz today, things were not as planned. I was in shock for about 3 minutes. I sat down, texted a couple of people and adapted. Is it ideal? Not sure as yet? What I do know, is that when we have Gratitude, we can adapt, we can find or create solutions. We can overcome.

There’s always a reason and I trust this. Things will work out even better than planned in the end and the process will reveal this.

After the momentary shock, I laughed. Why? Bcz anger helps nothing and it’s not who I choose to be. Laughter with Gratitude opens up possibilities and that IS who I choose to be

…..and I always keep my promises ❤️

Embracing Transition

So things went askew a month ago or so I thought…for about 30 min. As my world suddenly became upside down, I processed it all and minutes later realized this was a blessing. Initially I started moving with trepidation but I was moving and acting on what I needed. It wasn’t.

As time went on, I realized this was all intended for good so I had to view it that way and expect good things from that paradigm. That shifted everything. Now I was coming from a powerful place which was going to create MUCH better results. It did. I got exactly what I hoped for, not what I was afraid I would end up with. Big difference.

I added the feelings I wanted to feel. I didn’t allow any negative thoughts. I imagined it. And…I got it. Faith based movement isn’t from fear. Ever. It’s about trust and trusting in a GOOD Creator. This was a great reminder to switch into what I ‘do’ want and make this my focus.

Whatever we do, let’s create it from a place of good, of positive, of Faith and of belief that it’s intended for good. This way, step by step, we can change the world, one choice at a time.

…..and I always keep my promises